The Andarian Chronicles

The Adventure Begins!
A graduation mission starts

Five students received word their graduation assignment had come at last. Abigail Samoun, Zamora Sinister, Volac Sinister, Danathen Gray and Gideon Hawke were asked by instructor Kemry Rihm to assemble at 9am in front of the founder’s statue to receive their instructions.

The students assembled and interpersonal issues were quickly discovered. Twins Zamora and Volac obviously have problems with each other, in addition to a deep psychic bond. Abigail got along well with Zamora, but seemed to hold herself aloof from the others. Danathen quickly encouraged everyone to call him Danny, seeming both sweet…and a bit naive. And Gideon managed to rub everyone the wrong way within seconds of his arrival.

With that auspicious start, the group learned a mining colony a few hours from the Academy had sent a distress signal and the government had asked for a team to investigate. They are sent to collect their gear and meet up again to head out.

They arrived at the mining dome to find no one answering when they radioed. Danny used his empathetic skills to try and scout out the dome…only to find a single flicker of life that faded as he searched. Volac used his precognition and saw the remains of a giant mechanical monster within the main dome, but no signs of life.

The group entered, discovering the door to the dome was sealed and the inside swirled with smoke. Zamora used her portal abilities to get everyone inside. Abigail went first, shooting into the gloom at the sound of a mechanical threat. Gideon rushed in after her, tripping over the scattered debris and twisting his ankle.

Danny and Volac came through immediately after, Volac clearing the smoke and Danny attempting to protect Gideon with an energy shield. The shield sputtered and wavered, its strength weakened by the horror Danny still felt at experiencing another’s death with them.

Zamora came through last, in time to see the giant mechanical structure in front of them shiver again, it’s trailing tentacles burrowing into the ground scant inches from Gideon’s side and just preventing it from toppling over.

Kemry joined the others and they prepared to survey the still burning remains of the main dome, knowing they had many passages yet to explore to discover what had happened to the mining families who had so recently lived and worked in this new wasteland.


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