Esspys are those gifted with ESP or extra sensory perception. They have a range of talents, including telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, bio manipulation, and precognition.

It is thanks to the Esspys that space travel has been established within the Andarian system. Those with particularly strong talents in telepathy and telekinesis are employed by the government to transport cargo and passengers between planets and moons.

Children are tested at a young age and those who exhibit such abilities are placed in special programs to assure they will continue to be a resource to their society.

Esspys who do not have the telekineses/telepathy pairing, or are not strong enough to transport large ships, are employed in a variety of careers, from the military to private sector.

Arien’s mercenary guild seeks out Esspys and trains them at Pherusa Academy. They are a strong asset to the Guild and it’s work.


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