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Welcome to The Andarian System!

You are a student at Pherusa Academy, a school for elite fighters and Esspys, otherwise known as Brawns and Brains. The school’s graduates become members of the Mercenary Guild and are trained to fight together in small crack squads hired by government and individuals alike to perform all manner of clandestine acts.

The Academy is located on Pherusa, a moon orbiting the ringed gas giant Thalia. Thalia is the fourth planet of six in the Andarian System. There are two habitable planets in the system as well. Partha, an ocean world with three moons and Arien, the seat of government.

Your final exam will be taking place soon, an actual mission with an instructor acting as your squad leader. You do not yet know which of your fellow students will be assigned to the squad, but you know your ability to work together and to accomplish the goal for which you’ve been hired will determine whether you go on to a fruitful career with the Guild—or face failure and disgrace.

Home Page

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